Miss Call

Miss Call

On different occasions, it is possible that the people used to miss call from a customer or potential customers. With the help of the missed call service one can get an access to the miss calls on the dedicated phone number of the organisation. It is a automated web application that provides the notification of the calls and the numbers from which the missed calls have came.

It works on a simple process that is when a call from a number comes to the dedicated number the call gets automatically disconnected after a singular ring. The information automatically goes to the web panel along with all the details containing number, time, location and the operator.

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Missed Call Service

  • Mobile Verification

there are lot of companies usually used to verify the number of the customers through a missed call only. This helps the customer to save the penny and as well as a real time missed call reaches to the server web panel.

  • Retrieving password

By giving a missed call one can easily retrieve the password. There are different companies who used to ask the customers to give a missed call in order to retrieve the passwords.

  • Sales support

With the new modern missed call alert one can avoid the traditional use of toll free numbers. You can ask your customers to give a missed call that will help you in order to tress the call and to call the customers back.

  • Generating lead

With the help of the missed call alert, the companies will never miss a chance to grab the opportunities of capturing potential customers. One cam set voice recording auto thank you or thank you SMS alert with the missed call service.