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What is Web Hosting?

Web site up and running is all the role of a good website hosting service. But for having website hosting, you need to purchase server space. The server pace stores your files and database to be able to host your website and retrieve data. How much server space is required depends on your website goals and needs? We offer web hosting services in Hyderabad and depending on your current content demands and traffic expectations on the website, we can assist you to decide on the server space for hosting your website. When you are checking web hosting companies in Hyderabad, you also need to see how reliable and secure their web hosting services before making a buying decision. At Domainadda, we are a reliable and efficient web hosting partner for all your hosting needs.

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What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is a collaborative system which means anyone can contribute to the system and it does not belong to one person, company or brand. This means in addition to bringing a secure hosting platform, Linux hosting is also promising innovation and server space, ideas and security systems. Looking for a web hosting service in Hyderabad, we can assist you in choosing the right hosting platform and plans. Linux is the preferred choice as, it is the only server that is open source and therefore it draws its benefits as compared to other types of servers for your business.

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Website Migration is a complex process and involves shifting of Website’s platform, content, location, structure and may be also design. For whatever reasons you are migrating your website it is not an easy process. If you are planning to migrate your website from the current domain to our Linux hosting domain, we help with the necessary assistance in shifting all the data along with DNS changes and domain transfers. We offer cheap Linux hosting India, and this makes an integrated and well sought approach towards your website migration.

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Are You Looking for Web Hosting Solution?

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For Web Hosting Hyderabad, we think our excellent offering including cheap Linux hosting comes with a backing of good services, and we bring you some great access points and solutions.

Money-back guarantee

Our services are versatile and suiting to different needs. Once you onboard with us for your service and are not satisfied for whatever reasons, we offer you a money-back guarantee within a stipulated time.

100% In-House

All our extended services, operations and applications are performed inhouse by own team and this reduces our dependency on third –party vendors ensuring we are able to keep the maximum uptime and prompt services.

24/7 Availability

We understand the sensitive nature of our business and how your business depends on our service. Our in-house customer teams work in shifts and are available 24X7 need be.

Email or Chat

We provide customer service assistance through different channels including email and chat to see that your queries are resolved at the earliest.

Why Choose Linux hosting?

Once you ascertain your website’s particular needs, you should be able to decide on a Windows or a Linux hosting service. However, we offer cheapest web hosting in addition to other assured services –


Linux comes as a better option for budget-conscious businesses, as it cuts out all the extra software which are otherwise required in a Windows server. We offer cheap Linux hosting services.


Our dedicated hosting service offers privacy for your files and databases and assures a secured server.


Linux is an open-source operating system and that means the bulk of your resources, tools and software programs will be free as there is no license required for Linux.


Unlike Linux, there is no operating system that can completely defend your website against any software attacks. Linux has been largely secured in many of the biggest cyber-attacks.

Get All These Features with Our Unlimited Web Hosting Plans.

As one of the established web hosting companies in Hyderabad, we offer these features with our unlimited web hosting plans-

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Now manage your domain and hosting tools with a single control panel that handling the entire ecosystem of your web hosting activities.

Latest PHP & MySQL

Get the latest PHP hosting with MY SQL database support with required 24/7 support.

1-Click Installer

The 1-click installer saves a lot of your useful time by seamlessly installing and configuring your hosting account as well as various integrated apps.

Malware Scan and Removal

Effectively monitor your site by scanning for malicious malware and potential threats and be notified to act towards removing them.

Instant Account Setup

Gain instant account set-ups by merely signing up and have your site up and running tailored to your chosen package.

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To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers—along with our best answers.

Web hosting is having a space to store your website’s files online which are then accessed through a web browser. These files are saved on a server.

Cancelling a domain means – Your audience cannot see your website. Your domain might be available to others to purchase if it is not recharged.

We offer flexible payment options through NEFT bank transfers and online payments.

Yes. Your hosting plan can be certainly upgraded to an enhanced plan as per your website’s need.