• Web Hosting

    Post your web page or website with DomainAdda over the internet today. DomainAdda provides three different types of hosting service such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Ecommerce Hosting. Therefore, choose your preferred hosting for your site now.

  • E-mail Services

    DomainAdda provides their clients a dedicated email service. The clients can choose from a range of services such as Business Email, email marketing via Amazon ses and dedicated SMTP for the email marketing. DomainAdda also offers different plans for the services based on the pricing and service.

  • Bulk SMS

    Wanting to promote your product or service through personalised SMS? DomainAdda comes with various bulk SMS planning. DomainAdda offers their client three different bulk SMS planning such as promotional Bulk SMS, Transactional Bulk SMS and Bulk SMS SMPP. The planning also are segmented based on service and pricing.

  • Short Code

    Short codes are some of exceptional sorts of code numbers that littler than the customary full phone numbers. These numbers are typically used to send MMS and SMS from cell phone or altered telephones of specific administration suppliers. Additions to purpose of Short codes are that it can be effectively recalled and read.

  • Long Code

    Long Code is for the most part a virtual phone number that is utilized by the associations as a part of request to get SMS or voice calls. It helps your business to have possessed number to get calls and get messages. In this manner, it is otherwise called the committed telephone number administration.

  • SEO

    DomainAdda gives a quality SEO administration to every one of its clients. As a renowned SEO provider, we principally committed to address the issues of situating and streamlining needs. We entirely take after the guidelines set around the Google and other significant web crawlers.

Linux Hosting

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