Bulk SMS Service - Promotional & Transactional SMS, APIs, SMS Gateway, Reseller Plan

Product promotion is one of the most foundational marketing approaches for a successful business. Bulk SMS is integral to downing service promotion in this era of Smart Phone Dominance!

Bulk message marketing can help you have a dedicated base of loyal customers and cater to them. You can instantly reach out to your prospects through transactional and promotional texts. Our bulk SMS service provides a high inbox delivery ratio in the industry.

With DomainAdda, you have greater chances of getting ahead of your competitors.

Features of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a boon across all industries, making marketing and customer management easy. You get an impressive conversion rate in a way that instantly impacts the minds of your prospects. SMS Marketing lets you promote your services to a large mass of people. We cater to many industries, and our service stands out in numerous ways.


Our SMS Marketing services are nearly very less expensive than other forms. It requires exceptionally low-level setup costs and low pay-per-use costs. Plans start from Rs.1500 a month.


You get an intuitive interface with an easy-to-use experience. Hence, you need not be acquainted with the API to use it well.


We have ensured multi-language support for our users so that language becomes no barrier in your business promotion.


Stay ahead of your competitors and integrate your Bulk SMS API with your ERP for the best results.


You sit back, and the API ensures the quickest delivery to the recipient, so your business promotion suffers no delay.


You can send bulk messages and schedule them to be sent later. This API allows you to plan your Bulk texts for a later time.


You get detailed delivery reports of the message through this API so that you can keep track of your campaign now and then.


You can trust the API for secure data management without fail. It ensures the complete safety of data inputs.

What Does Domainadda Bulk SMS Have to Offer?

Domainadda’s Bulk SMS caters to a wide range of firms with promotional & transactional needs through SMS gateways. We have continued to be the pioneer of the industry because of the values we serve. We offer trending text message services to promote the benefits of our acclaimed clients. We can help you by following different ways to amplify your business promotion!


Bulk SMS can help you accelerate your lead conversions by impacting your target audience.


It channelizes two-way communication to intensify your promotional campaigns, enhance customer services and allow the recipients to revert.


With functionalities like message scheduling and delivery reports, the SMS can make a world of difference to the customer engagement rate.


You can reach out to your prospects with a compelling message by personalizing them.


Besides sending bulk SMS promotions, we also enhance customer services by channelling two-way communication.

What Can Bulk SMS Do For Your Business?

There are currently 6 billion smartphone users across the globe. Bulk SMS is an easier and a convenient way to reach prospects and bring them into the conversion funnel. Smartphones being the most convenient mode of communication, bulk SMS proves to be a fruitful move for successful business promotion. With an immediate impact on the prospects, it maximizes the chances of conversion for the business.


Open and Read Rates of Over 98%

You can level up the open and read rate of the messages incredibly with the tool and impact your prospects positively.

Scheduled and Sent Any Time

You can use the API to schedule your messages related to promotional campaigns or customer service programs for later.

High ROI and Low Cost

High ROI and Low Cost

In an era where grabbing the attention of prospects is a mere trick, you can play it off well with the Bulk SMS sender API.

Easy to Contact & Retain Customers

You are at ease reaching out to the customers immediately through text messages and retaining them, implementing strategies that barely fail.
Easy to Contact & Retain Customers

Types of Bulk SMS Services

Businesses and companies use two types of text messaging to reach out to their audiences in India via an SMS Gateway.

With the help of a promotional bulk SMS service, you can send a message to multiple users in a single click. In these texts, you can send sales and marketing strategies to the receiver or provide information regarding flash sales or other promotional deals. With bulk messages, you can create better business opportunities for your company. DomainAdda is a bulk SMS service provider which offers you affordable SMS plans. Under the SMS packages, you can send promotional messages to all the mobile numbers yet to register to the DND (Do Not Disturb) facility. The bulk SMS gateway allows you to send messages to several phone numbers from 9 am to 9 pm. Besides, you will receive proper delivery reports about the text messages you have sent.

I´m looking for a custom quote

We offer custom plans for any size of business.

Transactional bulk SMSs are mostly used by banks and other financial institutions for passing important information about their products or services. Generally, a bulk SMS API is usually used to send these messages directly to the customer’s mobile phones. For example, when a customer buys a product from a shopping website, the company sends them an SMS regarding the expected date of delivery and shipping information about the product. Also, when a bank account holder sends an SMS to know his account balance, he will receive a reply. “Available Balance in your A/C no: xxxxxx as on date 10/01/2019 is Rs. xxxx”. If your business requires you to send transactional texts to your clients, then DomainAdda can help you with that. We have some of the best ‘Transactional SMS Plans’ in the market today. The SMS plans include a unique 6 Character SENDER ID and the facility to send messages throughout the year to the DND (Do Not Disturb) and non-DND registered phone numbers.

Why Choose DomainAdda As Your Text Marketing Partner

Domainadda’s SMS Marketing stands out amongst the rat race competition because it strives for customer satisfaction. We prioritize our clients’ needs and customize our Bulk SMS Plan to meet their requirements. We ensure complete support to our clients with the utmost value for each penny they spend for us.

24/7 Technical Support

You get 24/7 support from our team since we aim for a satisfactory experience for our clients.

In-House Experts

Our team of in-house experts has extensive experience in text marketing, and they provide valuable insights to help our clients achieve their goals.

Value for Money

We offer our clients value for their money by providing cost-effective solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Easy and Secure API

Our SMS API is incredibly secure and one of the most promising tools. You can integrate it into your software without any data breach.


To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers—along with our best answers.

Developer API enables firms to take the help of third-party service providers and give them access to internal business processes.

Promotional SMS is text messages that firms send to their prospects for marketing and advertisement purpose.

Transaction SMS is a text that a firm sends to its customers with valuable information regarding OTP & Alerts, confirmation and verification codes and etc.

Sender ID is a unique name or a standardized mobile number you receive with the SMS on your phone.