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What is Web Hosting?

A website is a compilation of different resources like images, content, and videos classified in different file types. When you are developing a website, this information needs to be stored in a place that can be easily accessible and retrieved when a user types the particular website address. The storage where all these website files are stored is the hosting company’s server. We are a web hosting company in Noida. As a web hosting service provider Noida, when you sign a web hosting package, your website gets access to the server to upload all your website files. This entire process is classified as web hosting and when an individual types a link to access your website, the web browser procures these files from the server and displays them on the viewer’s screen.
web hosting

What is Linux Hosting?

There are different hosting systems. The Linux web hosting works on Linux systems and can run even on old and obsolete hardware systems. Linux is customizable with a very user-friendly interface. It can be used across simple as well as complex functions. The programmers can build and share their programs or change the open-source code to fit their needs.
linux hosting
As a web hosting company in Noida, we assist you to register your domain name with your idea, name, brand and get to creating your web presence. Domain names play a very important role in the identification of site and in the long run, its success. You can now easily register a domain with us. Search the different parameters you want your domain name to be. Choose the right suffix for your domain names. Domain names are like a digital treasure or investment and finding the right domain name for representing the business, it can be directly bought from our site by a simple well-guided process.

Are You Looking for Web Hosting Solution?

Why choose Linux Hosting?

Linux web hosting remains consistently fast and responsive in terms of loading time and performance.

Easy to Use

Linux can be adapted across various applications and because of this advantage, it is easy to use and widely used.

Offers High Privacy and Security

As a web hosting company we assure that the information shared on a Linux infrastructure and systems is secure and accessible by authorized users

It's an Open-source Network

Linux is open source which means the software source code can be seen, modified or enhanced by anyone.

High Performance & Seamless

Linux enables high-performance indicators on different networks and workstations and allows numbers of users to work seamlessly.

Why Domainadda?

As a web hosting company in Noida, we are web hosting experts and offer cheap linux hosting services backed by our support and expertise.

99.9% Uptime

Our Linux web hosting service promises 99.9% uptime. For every minute you are offline, your business is suffering, and it is our continuous endeavour to bring you high uptime with the maintenance, server repairs and upgrades seamlessly carried out.

In-house experts

Our in-house experts are outstanding support in all technical possibilities and available 24X7 support.

24/7/365 Support

Constant customer support is like an in-house technical staff who is accessible on the go. This means you do not suffer any technical laybacks and wait for another business day to sort them.

Money-Back Guarantee

If at any time of using our service, you think we are not your right hosting partners, you can discontinue services with us with an assured money-back guarantee. Though you might never claim a money-back after working with us.

30 Day Money Back

Having tried our service, if you find our services below expectations, you can claim 30-day money back for our services taken.

CMS Applications with one-click installation

A web hosting service in Noida, might not offer a consolidated plan. But we at Domainadda, offer a one-click installations of all CMS applications on our hosting plans and effortlessly manage your web applications. A one-click auto installer Softaculous makes it easy to install most web apps and applications like PHP, PERL, and JavaScript to your website.

WordPress Hosting

There are different types of WordPress hosting like shared, free, VPN and dedicated. We guide you with choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website based on speed, reliability and uptime tests.

Joomla Hosting

Joomla website hosting is the latest that people are using. We provide an easy access at launching joomla websites with just a few clicks through our site.

Drupal Hosting

Our developer-friendly platform meets all your Drupal Hosting requirements even demanding ones along with compliances, and this facility can be easily obtained through our site.

Magento Hosting

We are offering web hosting solutions for different platforms, and we also provide Magento hosting with high performance, well optimised and easily integrated through our site.

Get All These Features with Our Unlimited Web Hosting Plans.

As one of the established web hosting companies in Noida, we offer these features with our unlimited web hosting plans-

Free SSL Certificate

Get a free SSL certificate to secure your domain with an https, for interrupting traffic and boosting your SEO with Google.

SSD Storage

Opt for SSD storage that is promising of reliability and faster disk reading speed.

Free Site Builder

Build a free website, online store or start a blog with a host of customizable templates and designs and easy-to-use tools.

1-Click Installer

The 1-click installer saves a lot of your useful time by seamlessly installing and configuring your hosting account as well as various integrated apps.

Secure Email Accounts

Opt for secure email hosting plans for data safety, security of your inbox from unwanted emails. Have custom email ids aligned with your domain names?

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Now manage your domain and hosting tools with a single control panel that handling the entire ecosystem of your web hosting activities.


To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers—along with our best answers.

Linux hosting can be your choice for websites, WordPress blogs or online stores and if you want to use databases like MS-SQL, or, .net on your website, you can opt for Windows hosting.
Yes, our dashboard gives you easy access to install applications of your choice on your web hosting account.
We are trusted with clients in maintaining their business websites and servers and we are aided with the latest technologies to strengthen our servers against any impeding cyber-attacks, bringing you a safe and reliable platform.
Cancelling a domain means – Your audience cannot see your website. Your domain might be available to others to purchase if it is not recharged.