Fast, Secure & Affordable India's First-Choice Linux Reseller Hosting

In the dynamic digital world, managing multiple websites or offering extended hosting services requires a dependable, adaptable, and secure platform. Our Linux reseller hosting plans are equipped with Intel Xeon Processors, 256 GB RAM servers, and SSD disk space, bundled with a user-friendly cPanel / WHM Control Panel, our reseller hosting package is a game-changer for web resellers, enabling them to professionally manage their clients’ needs.



50 GB SSD Disk Space
1,000/- Monthly
  • 50 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited E-Mail ID
  • Unlimited Database
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Website Migration


100 GB SSD Disk Space
1,500/- Monthly
  • 100 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited E-Mail ID
  • Unlimited Database
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Website Migration


200 GB SSD Disk Space
2,000/- Monthly
  • 200 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited E-Mail ID
  • Unlimited Database
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Website Migration


Experience unparalleled hosting with our flagship Linux Reseller Hosting plan, designed for optimal performance and ease of use. Enjoy Ultra-Fast web hosting, Domain Registration, and a Free SSL Certificate for each hosted site. The cPanel Control Panel simplifies client management, while Free Website Migration ensures a seamless transition. Benefit from Unlimited Bandwidth, providing a robust foundation for your reseller business. Our 24×7 Support is always ready to assist. Elevate your hosting game with this Pro Linux Reseller Hosting solution, starting at just ₹1000/per month.

FREE Website Builder

Introducing RV Site Builder, a browser based site-building program specifically integrated into cPanel for our Linux Reseller Hosting plans. Its straightforward workflow, social media modules, and robust content management features empower users, even those without programming skills, to effortlessly design web pages and maintain a high-end responsive website compatible across all popular desktop and mobile browsers. With our reseller hosting plans, you receive complimentary access to a vast collection of themes. These themes are not only free but also unlimited, enhancing your reseller hosting experience. Start building and managing professional websites for yourself and your clients seamlessly.

FREE SSL Certificate

DomainAdda extends a complimentary SSL certificate to enhance the security of your website on our Linux Reseller Hosting plans. This free SSL certificate, bundled with your hosting account, ensures that your site benefits from industry-standard encryption, guaranteeing a secure online experience for your users. Recognized by major web browsers, our SSL certificate is a testament to our commitment to providing a safe and trustworthy environment for your website and the sensitive data it handles. Elevate your Linux Reseller Hosting experience with the added assurance of a 100% secure online presence.

Host Unlimited Domains

DomainAdda presents an unmatched opportunity within our Linux Reseller Hosting package, offering unlimited domains and websites at an incredibly affordable rate. With our Pro Plan, you gain unrestricted access to ample storage space, empowering you to host numerous domains seamlessly. Experience the flexibility to expand your online presence without constraints, all within the cost-effective framework of our Linux Reseller Hosting. Unleash the full potential of your reseller account as you effortlessly manage and host an extensive array of domains and websites with DomainAdda's Pro Plan.

DDOS Attack Protection

Rest easy with DomainAdda's robust hosting security protocols working around the clock to monitor any suspicious activity and thwart potential threats, including DDoS attacks. Our dedicated security team ensures continuous vigilance, providing 24/7 protection for your Linux Reseller Hosting. Safeguard your websites and clients from harm with our advanced DDoS and spam protection mechanisms. Trust DomainAdda to keep your online assets secure, allowing you to focus on growing your reseller business without the worry of security threats. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Complete Data Security

Experience the assurance of user-friendly functionality combined with top-tier security features with our Linux Reseller Hosting. Designed to cater to your reseller needs, our hosting platform provides a seamless and intuitive experience. Rest easy knowing that our proactive security measures are at the forefront, defending against the latest threats, including hackers, malware, and DDoS attacks. With DomainAdda's Linux Reseller Hosting, you not only enjoy the benefits of a reseller-friendly environment but also gain a high level of security, ensuring a reliable and protected hosting experience for you and your clients.

Rocket Fast Servers

Elevate your reseller hosting experience with DomainAdda's Linux Reseller Hosting plan, featuring lightning-fast servers that deliver exceptional speed and performance. Benefit from high-speed Linux web hosting that ensures swift and efficient operations for both you and your clients. Our dedicated technical support team is available 24x7, standing by to assist you with any inquiries or concerns. Trust in DomainAdda's commitment to providing reseller hosting that combines speed, reliability, and round-the-clock support, empowering you to deliver top-notch hosting services to your clients seamlessly.

POP3/IMAP Email Accounts

Every Linux Reseller Hosting account at DomainAdda includes the added benefit of complimentary POP3 Email accounts. Enjoy the convenience of free email accounts that provide online access to your professional communication needs, such as [email protected] As part of our reseller hosting package, these email accounts contribute to a comprehensive hosting solution, offering both website hosting and reliable email services. Experience the seamless integration of hosting and communication with DomainAdda's Linux Reseller Hosting, ensuring a well-rounded and efficient online presence for you and your clients.

Award Winning Support

DomainAdda's Linux Reseller Hosting comes with unparalleled 24/7/365 Premium Support, accessible via Phone, Live Chat, and our efficient Ticket System (Email). Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring that you receive prompt and expert help whenever you need it. Additionally, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our automatic weekly site backups, preventing any potential data loss. With DomainAdda's Linux Reseller Hosting, your hosting experience is not only reliable but also backed by our commitment to providing superior support and safeguarding your hosted information.


Crafting visually appealing websites is just the beginning; to draw in visitors, hosting your website on the Internet is crucial. Partner with a reliable hosting provider to secure a portion of the server and make your website visible online. Among the various hosting packages offered by Linux hosting companies, Linux reseller hosting stands out for its popularity and cost-effectiveness, distributing hosting costs among multiple website owners.

Look no further for the best Linux reseller hosting; at DomainAdda, we provide top-notch shared Linux reseller hosting in India at budget-friendly rates. Explore our diverse range of Linux reseller hosting plans tailored for cost-effective website hosting.

Our most affordable Linux reseller hosting packages start at just ₹1000 per month. Whether you opt for our starter, advanced, or pro plan, you enjoy benefits like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, databases, and email IDs. These resources can be efficiently utilized to engage and communicate with customers seamlessly. Additionally, our packages include free website builder services and a complimentary domain name. Elevate your hosting experience with our feature-rich Linux reseller hosting solutions.

The Advantages of Our Linux Reseller Hosting

Secure the best and high-quality Linux reseller hosting within your budget. Our Linux reseller hosting guarantees businesses the continuous security of their data and ensures 100% privacy. Our cost-effective reseller hosting is designed for simplicity, offering an easy-to-use platform compared to complex alternatives. With Linux reseller hosting, businesses and their customers can enjoy unparalleled versatility. Elevate your hosting experience and empower your business with our feature-rich Linux reseller hosting solutions.

Scale When You Need It

Our Linux Reseller Hosting is both affordable and scalable, ensuring your business can grow seamlessly. We offer low-cost hosting without compromising quality. Choose DomainAdda for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your reseller hosting needs.

Get Accelerated Performance

Count on improved performance for your business with our Linux Reseller Hosting. Experience faster website loading speeds than before, ensuring a smoother user experience. Choose DomainAdda for reliable and efficient reseller hosting.

Very Easy to Upgrade

Easily boost your reseller hosting plan for more processing power and memory with DomainAdda's Linux Reseller Hosting. Upgrade hassle-free to meet your business needs.

Speed and Simplicity

Our Linux Reseller Hosting is user-friendly and designed to effortlessly support PHP. Simplify your hosting experience with DomainAdda.

Why is Linux the Best Option?

Linux stands out as a top choice for its robust security features, making it one of the most secure operating systems available. Renowned for its reliability, Linux is the preferred option for both programmers and businesses. Opt for the assurance of a highly secure operating system with Linux, setting it apart from alternatives lacking in security measures.

Lower Cost

DomainAdda offers budget-friendly web hosting that effortlessly fits into any financial plan. Enjoy the best affordable web hosting without compromising on your website's performance.

Simple to configure

Configuring Linux web hosting is simpler and more straightforward compared to other hosting options, providing you with the flexibility to expand your business website effortlessly and without complications.

Secure and Trusted

DomainAdda prioritizes the security and trustworthiness of your business website, ensuring privacy and safeguarding your data as our topmost priority.

Reliable Performance

DomainAdda offers the most affordable Linux web hosting, ensuring excellent website performance. Packed with features, our hosting is designed to contribute to the growth of your business website.


DomainAdda offers a remarkably adaptable environment for your online applications and systems. When deploying your business community, efficient website server management becomes essential.

Advanced Technical Support

Opt for DomainAdda's Linux web hosting and enjoy continuous round-the-clock technical support. Receive advanced assistance for any solutions related to your business website.

web hosting


Opt for DomainAdda's Linux Reseller Hosting to fuel the growth of your online business with comprehensive web hosting solutions.

Given the multitude of features included in our cost-effective packages, opting for our Linux Reseller Hosting services is the logical choice.

Why Linux is the Best Option?

Linux stands out for its robust security features, making it a highly secure operating system in comparison to others. A preferred choice for programmers and businesses, Linux offers reliability and enhanced security, distinguishing it from operating systems lacking in protective measures.

Secure and Trusted

Domainadda provides a highly secured and trusted website for your business to ensure your privacy and keep your data safe before anything else.

Lower Cost

Domainadda provides cheap web hosting that will fit easily into anyone’s budget. Get the best hosting without even forfeiting your website performance.

Reliable Performance

Domainadda provides the cheapest Linux web hosting that offers great website performance. It also contains features that will help to grow your business website.

Simple to Configure

Linux hosting is easier and simpler to configure than another web hosting. So you get the ability to grow your business website without any complications.


Domainadda provides a highly flexible environment for your online applications and systems. To deploy your business community, you will need to manage your website server.

Advanced Technical Support

Get our hosting for round-the-clock technical support. Give you advanced support for any business website-related solution.

Not Found What You Need? Why Not Try…

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) stands out as an exceptionally flexible web hosting solution. Powered by Intel Xeon Processors and SSD storage, it delivers the performance demanded by your business.

Dedicated Server

Opting for dedicated servers is the optimal solution for hosting high-traffic websites. Coupled with our industry-leading technical support, you'll experience a swift setup, ensuring you're up and running in no time.

Why Host Your Website with DomainAdda?

DomainAdda, with its in-house expertise, provides the most affordable Linux web hosting plan tailored to suit your budget. Our in-house experts are also available for complimentary website transfers and round-the-clock technical support.

In-House Experts

Leverage DomainAdda's in-house expertise to access the most budget-friendly Linux web hosting plan, customized to fit your financial preferences. Benefit from our team of experts offering free website transfers and 24/7 technical support.

India’s #1 Domain Registrar & Hosting Provider

As India's premier domain registrar and web hosting provider, choose DomainAdda for the finest and cost-effective web hosting plans tailored for your website.

Value for Money

Embark on the best Linux Reseller Hosting journey for your website at an unbeatable price of only ₹1000/month with DomainAdda's affordable hosting solutions.

World-Class Support

Benefit from DomainAdda's web hosting with around-the-clock world-class support, fostering trust and reliability between our clients and customers.

Still not sure what you need?

Speak with a our expert about how DomainAdda hosting can work for your business. Give us a call: +919021265071


To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers—along with our best answers.

Currently we only provide Linux Hosting, if we start window hosting services we will inform you via email.

Our Basic plan provides 1 GB Ram, 2 GB RAM in Advance plan and 3 Gb RAM with our Pro linux hosting plan, if you are looking for more RAM check out our  VPS Servers

All our Linux web hosting plans comes with unlimited Bandwidth, with our Pro web hosting plan you can host unlimited add-on domains.

All our servers comes with 99.9% uptime gauranteed

We dont Allow sending bulk emails from our Shared web hosting packages, If you want to send bulk emails check out our email marketing plan.

Our ₹500 per year starter plan is single Domain hosting plan, you can host only 1 domain with this plan

Server Include Cloud Linux with Apache with Xvarnish Cache.

All our plans comes with free migration support

As of now all plan have same renewal charges.