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Improve your customer engagement with the Bulk WhatsApp Business. With the WhatsApp API & Chatbot, you can efficiently communicate with your  customers worldwide.

No setup fees. Get 24/7 support with affordable pricing rates. Quick and easy account setup. Reliable and global scaling of your business. Get a web-based interface as well.


Starter Plan

1,000/- Monthly
  • Unlimited Whataspp Credits
  • 1 Whatapp Instance
  • Chat Bot
  • Auto Responder
  • Buttons
  • List Message
  • Spintax Support
  • Export participants in a group
  • API Access

Growth Plan

2,500/- Monthly
  • Unlimited Whataspp Credits
  • 3 Whatapp Instance
  • Up to 3 Team Members
  • Chat Bot
  • Auto Responder
  • Buttons
  • List Message​
  • Spintax Support​
  • Export participants in a group
  • API Access

Advance Plan

5,000/- Monthly
  • Unlimited Whataspp Credits
  • 10 Whatapp Instance
  • Up to 10 Team Members
  • Chat Bot
  • Auto Responder
  • Buttons
  • List Message​​
  • Spintax Support​​
  • Export participants in a group
  • API Access

Features of WhatsApp Business Sender

Use the WhatsApp Business Sender for delivering payment notifications and order updates to your customers. Bulk WhatsApp Sender helps easily reach out to your clients and customers globally. Integrate the WhatsApp Business API to deploy a WhatsApp chatbot. Reach out to over 1.5 billion customers worldwide with 24/7 customer support.

Intuitive Interface

The WhatsApp Bulk Message allows you to extend your business reach to 2 billion global experiences. Send PDFs, files, or memos to create an intuitive interface experience with your customer.

Automated Responses

It allows you to automate conversations and send timely messages to your customers to build communication with them.

Smart automation

WhatsApp Business can only provide basic automation features and nothing else. But using WhatsApp for business comes with various automation message capabilities.

Multi-language Support

Communicate with your customers in their language to enhance the customer experience. You can also enable a multi-language chatbot with the help of the WhatsApp bulk SMS.

Multimedia Content

Send multimedia content or receive multimedia content with the help of the Bulk WhatsApp. You can send freeform messages, including text and media, to your customers as well.

Trusted and secure

Use the Bulk WhatsApp Sender more securely and reliably. Be in partnership with our WhatsApp service to enhance your customer communication.

What Can You Do With WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a multiplatform messaging app that allows you to send messages to your customers, reach a global audience and develop your business. Over 2 billion people are active on WhatsApp nowadays, mostly getting in touch with their customers and communicating with their global audience.

Manage and send your WhatsApp notifications through the WhatsApp settings. Enable group and messaging notifications from the settings menu to get message notifications. Get and send notifications about your account summary, policy expiry date and delivery tracking informations.
Executing is a great way to communicate with your client through the chatbot, even manage transactions such as travel bookings, reshecduling a delivery and account opening. You can enable chatbots on WhatsApp just by integrating them by yourself.
Anyone can retrieve WhatsApp messages by simply restoring those messages from backup. However, you can also retrieve account balance info, profile info, product warranty details and tracking services as well.
The WhatsApp Business API enables you to interact with your customers globally. You can fundamentally interact with your customers through WhatsApp.

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We offer custom plans for any size of business.

How Can the WhatsApp API Help Your Business?

The WhatsApp API enables you to communicate with your customers globally for small and large businesses. Even with the help of the WhatsApp API, businesses can connect with their customers more reliably and securely. Get notifications and alerts right when your customer texts you to be more connected with the customer.

Instant Messaging

The WhatsApp API can help businesses through instant messaging with their customers. Because the more they are connected with their customers, the more their business will grow.

Rich Media Distribution

Send Rich Media Share through the WhatsApp API to your customers. Help your customers connect with your business more efficiently by sharing it with the media.

Data Privacy

The WhatsApp API cares about the data you will share with your customers. The WhatsApp API is considered the more reliable way to share data.

Wider Reach

Get a wider audience reach with the help of the WhatsApp API. Because the WhatsApp API helps you reach out to a wider audience and customer base.

Absolute API integration

The WhatsApp Business API is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses to interact with their potential customers globally. You can start conversations with customers in minutes. Send notifications, order updates, promotional messages and solve customer queries.

What does the DomainAdda's Bulk WhatsApp have to offer?

The DomainAdda is considered the trusted provider of WhatsApp Business services. Get a wider audience reach and work with your international clients through the DomainAdda WhatsApp Business. 24/7 customer support availability, including affordable pricing rates.

Lead conversions multiply

WhatsApp is the best platform to get more convertible leads than any other social media platform. Get more visitor engagement through the WhatsApp API as well.

Automated two-way communication

With WhatsApp, businesses can take their 2-way communication capabilities further. Apart from other advantages, 2-way communication is greater.

Increased customer engagement

The most successful way to get a higher customer engagement rate with your business is to increase customer loyalty through the WhatsApp.

Personalized Messaging

Make your personalised messaging easily with the help of the WhatsApp. Use personalised messaging to enhance your customer communication.

Enhance customer service

Through the Bulk WhatsApp, businesses can build a new experience for their customers and enhance the customer engagement experience further.

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Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp Services

There are plenty of benefits businesses can get from the WhatsApp. Because the bulk WhatsApp can connect with your customers more securely and reliably, by connecting with your customer, any business can build their brand image and engage with more potential customers in the future.

whatsapp business api- Ensure Customer Privacy With End-to-End Encryption

Ensure Customer Privacy With End-to-End Encryption

Always ensures that you ensure customer privacy with end-to-end encryption. With End-to-End Encryption, businesses will be able to build trust between customers.

Rich Media Support To Send Invoices, Tickets, Brochures, and Much More.

Through bulk WhatsApp can send rich media support for sending invoices, tickets, brochures, and much more to potential customers. 

Rich Media Support To Send Invoices, Tickets, Brochures, and Much More
Whatsapp api- Automated Notifications, Alerts, and Quick Replies

Supports 50+ Languages: Automated Notifications, Alerts, and Quick Replies

Supports 50+ languages and supports automated notifications, alerts, and quick replies so that businesses can engage with their audience and customers globally.

Monitoring of WhatsApp API Messages

Businesses can monitor the dashboard’s analytics through the WhatsApp. Monitoring their dashboard may help them generate leads on a future basis.

Monitoring of WhatsApp API Messages

How Can the Bulk WhatsApp Help Your Business?

It’s helps to support business customers when they’re in need. Eventually, From notification, order updates to payment receipts, WhatsApp API does it all. However, the WhatsApp Business API will also help gather analytical insights and data for business sales statistics.

Why Choose Us As Your Bulk WhatsApp Partner?

For over a years now, DomainAdda has provided the WhatsApp and is considered one of the best WhatsApp business service. If you want to grow your business, then DomainAdda is the best WhatsApp API you can choose. We create genuine customer value with our one-stop Bulk SMS Marketing, domain and Linux hosting solutions.

24/7 Technical Support

DomainAdda, WhatsApp Business API, can give 24/7 customer support. So if you have chosen DomainAdda WhatsApp Business API, you don't have to face customer support issues again.

In-House Experts

All our team are quite expert and have gained years of experience to generate scalable solutions and ensure that you will get exceptional performance and unmatched value.

Value for Money

DomainAdda's WhatsApp Business API comes up with affordable pricing rates. Small and Medium businesses believe that the DomainAdda WhatsApp Business API is value for money and time.

Easy, Secure API

DomainAdda is committed to providing businesses and customers with more secure and dependable services. As a result, you should always use DomainAdda's WhatsApp business API for data security.

Our Process

At DomainAdda, we want to ensure that any project we do is effective and successful, so we have perfected our process after years of experience. 

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WhatsApp Business Success Stories



The technology conglomerate used a WhatsApp-based digital assistant for its “smart” office building in Singapore to help workers and management communicate and interact with various building features and systems, resulting in a 90% user retention rate.



The Indian online real estate company used the WhatsApp Business API to automate the way it collected property photos and uploaded them to property listings, resulting in a 20X annualised return on investment through cost savings.


Businesses that want to communicate with their clients and customers will use the WhatsApp Business API.

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