Why is SMS Marketing Still So Relevant Today

Today, online marketing is at its peak, and people use online marketing the most for different types of marketing strategies. But in the meantime, SMS marketing is very relevant in today’s time. You must be thinking that in today’s time where technology is developing itself day by day, why people will adopt the old marketing method like SMS marketing in 2022?

Since the first SMS was sent in the early 1990s many other forms of communication have become widely used with tools such as text messaging being very much part of our everyday lives. After more than two decades, texting remains to be a massively used platform. There are approximately 6 billion text messages sent in the US each day.

Bulk SMS marketing additionally stays a most loved channel for advertisers as well as consumers. With 90% of customers preferring to receive texts rather than calls from businesses, SMS marketing keeps on being an exceptionally successful way to reach an audience.

What is SMS Marketing?

As of 2020, 69% of marketers use mobile messaging, SMS marketing alludes to the act of sending promotional SMS or transactional SMS materials via text. Essentially, text marketing is a channel you use to promotional messages, product launches, new lines, sales, offers and more to clients who have allowed you to send them instant messages.

Here are a few reasons why SMS marketing is still so relevant despite having so many marketing options.

  • Opening Rate

The biggest benefit of SMS marketing compared to other marketing options is its amazingly high open rate. This small portion of information, delivered to your mobile phone, has a phenomenal 98% open rate within 3 minutes!

So Bulk SMS service is the most relevant because its opening rate is very high.

  • Visibility

Today, a person may not read his emails, but checking SMS is a habit of many people. Most significant benefits of texting to audience is fast delivery. People read new text messages almost immediately.

  • Increases consumer and brand engagement

The biggest advantage of bulk message service today is that it increases the engagement between the consumer and the brand, because well-crafted texts can drive user engagement and you’ll be able to connect with your target market easier.

OTP Service

  • Cost-Effectiveness

SMS marketing is affordable as compared to other traditional marketing service. But it is cheap and effective and one of the reasons for this is that very good bulk SMS is available in it at very low prices.

The cheapest plan starts at Rs.7000 for 1lac SMS and includes unlimited validity and delivery report. Bulk SMS marketing, plays an important role in connecting with customers, driving sales, and creating a personal connection.

  • Immediate Result

SMS marketing service having such high results also depends on this because it gives immediate results. If a person buys promotional SMS services or transactional SMS services for the promotion of brand, then in this you get immediate results, because well-crafted SMS are more likely to be opened, read, and responded to.

  • Instant & Direct Delivery

When taking advantage of SMS marketing or bulk SMS service, sends a promotional or transactional SMS to a targeted key client, the chances of the text message being read new text messages almost immediately. More than half of consumers respond to texts in less than 3 minutes of receiving them, and 78% of consumers respond to texts in 10 minutes or less.

  • Widely Used

SMS marketing service is still used by a lot of people even today because the chances of getting good results and high, so recipients don’t even need internet, a data plan, or an app to be able to receive your messages.

  • Greatly Increases Reach

In today’s time, the person who has the phone and he uses a SIM. That person may be targeted for SMS marketing. And if you want to calculate it in numbers, then more than 100 crore people can be targeted for SMS marketing in India alone. That is why we can easily say that SMS marketing today increases the reach to a very large extent.

  • Versatility

The versatility of SMS marketing service is huge, it can be used for almost any audience as the vast majority of people now have access to phones.

Last Word

SMS marketing likewise stays a most loved channel for advertisers. With 90% of clients liking to get texts rather than calls from businesses, SMS marketing keeps on being an extremely successful way to reach people. And because of all these reasons of text marketing is relevant today.

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