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What is Web Hosting?

Domainadda – A web hosting company offers the technology and server space required for viewing the website on the internet. They provide server storage for hosting or storing the files for the website. Every time some user types of your website address in the browser, your computer will connect them to the server and your web pages will be displayed on the user’s computer or phone they are accessing the website from. We are a web hosting company in kochi, kerala. Signing up with a website hosting service means buying a server storage space for storing your website files. These files can be accessed anytime and anywhere through a web browser to view a live website. Most businesses rent out the server space from a web hosting companies under affordable and efficient plans. Looking for Cochin web hosting plans?
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What is Linux Web Hosting?

It is a popular choice for hosting websites because Linux is an open-source, stable, and secure operating system. Linux web hosting is often less expensive than other types of hosting, and it is also highly customizable, making it a good choice for web developers and those who need to run specific software on their servers. Linux web hosting can support a wide variety of programming languages and web technologies, such as PHP, Python, Ruby, and MySQL. Additionally, Linux web hosting often comes with built-in tools for managing and securing the server, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. With the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of Linux web hosting, it is a popular choice for a wide range of websites, from small personal blogs to large e-commerce platforms.
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We offer a comprehensive website migration solution that caters to businesses and individuals looking to upgrade or transition to our hosting platform. Our team of technicians leverages their expertise to execute the migration process with precision, ensuring that your website is up and running without any downtime or data loss. Our services include a thorough backup of your website data, the configuration of your hosting environment, and the seamless transfer of your website to our platform. Furthermore, our technicians continuously monitor the migration process to mitigate potential issues and ensure the stability of your website post-migration. Our commitment to providing top-notch services to our clients is reflected in our approach to website migration. Trust us to handle your website migration needs with the utmost professionalism and technical proficiency.

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Are You Looking for Web Hosting Solution?

Why choose Linux Web Hosting?

Linux servers are very user friendly, reliable, and low maintenance as compared to other widely used counterparts.


Linux system is compatible with numerous file formats as well as supports almost all file formats.


Linux installation process is easy and takes less time than other operating systems. There is no need for specific system configuration as it can be easily installed on old machines too.

Multiple Desktop Support

Linux provides multiple desktop environment support like GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) or KDE (K Desktop Environment) with their specific environment.


Linux is a multitasking operating system as it can run multiple tasks simultaneously that does not affect the system speed.

We are Always Here to Help

For Web Hosting Kochi, we think our excellent offering including cheap Linux hosting comes with a backing of good services, and we bring you some great access points and solutions.

Money-back guarantee

Our services are versatile and suiting to different needs. Once you onboard with us for your service and are not satisfied for whatever reasons, we offer you a money-back guarantee within a stipulated time.

Email or Chat

We provide customer service assistance through different channels including email and chat to see that your queries are resolved at the earliest.

100% In-House

All our extended services, operations and applications are performed inhouse by own team and this reduces our dependency on third –party vendors ensuring we are able to keep the maximum uptime and prompt services.

30 Day Money Back

Having tried our service, if you find our services below expectations, you can claim 30-day money back for our services taken.

24/7 Availability

We understand the sensitive nature of our business and how your business depends on our service. Our in-house customer teams work in shifts and are available 24X7 need be.

CMS Applications with one-click installation

A web hosting service in Kochi, might not offer a consolidated plan. But we at Domainadda, offer a one-click installations of all CMS applications on our hosting plans and effortlessly manage your web applications. A one-click auto installer Softaculous makes it easy to install most web apps and applications like PHP, PERL, and JavaScript to your website.

WordPress Hosting

There are different types of WordPress hosting like shared, free, VPN and dedicated. We guide you with choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website based on speed, reliability and uptime tests.

Joomla Hosting

Joomla website hosting is the latest that people are using. We provide an easy access at launching joomla websites with just a few clicks through our site.

Drupal Hosting

Our developer-friendly platform meets all your Drupal Hosting requirements even demanding ones along with compliances, and this facility can be easily obtained through our site.

Magento Hosting

We are offering web hosting solutions for different platforms, and we also provide Magento hosting with high performance, well optimised and easily integrated through our site.

Advantages of Our Web Hosting Service

Our web hosting service is designed to deliver a seamless experience to businesses and individuals looking for a secure, high-performance, and properly functional hosting platform.


Our web hosting platform is built with robust security measures, including firewall protection, and SSL encryption, to ensure the safety and privacy of your website data.

Trustworthy to provide website presence

Our infrastructure is designed with redundancy in mind, which minimizes the risk of downtime and ensures that your website is always accessible to your customers.

High performance

We use the latest hardware and software technologies to optimize server performance, resulting in fast website loading speeds and high uptime availability.

Give the website's access on time

Our web hosting includes a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy to manage your website, including the installation of software and management of databases.

Proper functionality

Our web hosting platform is designed to support a wide range of programming languages, databases, and applications, providing our clients with the necessary tools to build and run their websites effectively.

Domain-Associated Email Address

Our web hosting platform provides a professional touch to your online presence with a domain-associated email ID, allowing you to communicate with your customers using a personalized email address.


To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers—along with our best answers.

The web hosting account with a dedicated server requires 24-48 hours to set up.
With Domainadda we deal in Linux web hosting and can make the migration process for you simple. Just Signup, request a migration of service by providing your website details and we migrate your website for you.
Linux hosting can be your choice for websites, WordPress blogs or online stores and if you want to use databases like MS-SQL, or, .net on your website, you can opt for Windows hosting.
Yes, our dashboard gives you easy access to install applications of your choice on your web hosting account.