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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service of renting out server spaces for your websites to be accessible through the browser and internet. A website comprises files and a database and needs to be uploaded on the server to be accessible to the worldwide web. The files thus need to be configured to the server. We are a web hosting company in Shillong. Web hosting service allows your website accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A web hosting service is very important as it decides the speed and security of your website. We are a web hosting company in Shillong, Meghalaya and we assure good security, faster servers, customer support, and essential information for your products or services.
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What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is a secure platform for web hosting and remains largely protective of large cyber-attacks. It is a collaborative system where anybody can contribute and therefore it is much updated and ever developed as compared to other hosting platforms. Linux web hosting system is a preferred choice when it comes to stability as it is known to be very reliable. Linux is adaptable to any environment and hence very flexible. It is considered very safe. Being open source, it does not have a license and thus can be easily procured.
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Are You Looking for Web Hosting Solution?

Why choose Linux Hosting?

Linux is the cheapest web hosting service and not only that it comes with a load of benefits including-


The open-source system makes development easy for web designers and developers as they can reform existing codes and review them.


Linux protects your information within our infrastructure and systems and allows access only to authorized users.


Linux servers are usually extremely stable, can grip large volumes of requests at the same time provide good uptimes for users.

Scanners & Viruses

Ensures that networking equipment is protected from malicious hacking attempts or uptime threat attacks.

We are Always Here to Help

For Web Hosting Shillong, we think our excellent offering including cheap Linux hosting comes with a backing of good services, and we bring you some great access points and solutions.

Money-back guarantee

Our services are versatile and suiting to different needs. Once you onboard with us for your service and are not satisfied for whatever reasons, we offer you a money-back guarantee within a stipulated time.

Email or Chat

We provide customer service assistance through different channels including email and chat to see that your queries are resolved at the earliest.

100% In-House

All our extended services, operations and applications are performed inhouse by own team and this reduces our dependency on third –party vendors ensuring we are able to keep the maximum uptime and prompt services.

30 Day Money Back

Having tried our service, if you find our services below expectations, you can claim 30-day money back for our services taken.

24/7 Availability

We understand the sensitive nature of our business and how your business depends on our service. Our in-house customer teams work in shifts and are available 24X7 need be.

Website Migration is a complex process and involves shifting of Website’s platform, content, location, structure and may be also design. For whatever reasons you are migrating your website it is not an easy process. If you are planning to migrate your website from the current domain to our Linux hosting domain, we help with the necessary assistance in shifting all the data along with DNS changes and domain transfers. We offer cheap Linux hosting India, and this makes an integrated and well sought approach towards your website migration.
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Advantages of our web hosting service

All web hosting companies in Shillong might come promising of these services, but we provide assured services as listed-

Trustworthy to provide website presence

Our servers ensure the least downtime, are secured as well as provide the latest technologies in the web hosting arena making us a trusted partner for your website presence.

Outstanding Technical Support

Enjoy our customer support as well as your in-house technical support. All that is doubtful is solvable.

Give the website's access on time

Minimal steps accessible through a control panel ensure you gain access to your website and its back end working.

Multiple payment methods

We are flexible with our web hosting plans suiting different budgets and requirements as well as flexible on our different payment’s methods.

Domain-Associated Email Address

A domain associated email id that would enhance your business status by making it look professional, authentic, and customised.

Easier to Monitor Your Website Status

A control panel access would give you a one-point status of all your hosting activities and help you plan.


To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers—along with our best answers.

We offer flexible payment options through NEFT bank transfers and online payments.
Unlimited web hosting in your plan means you get unlimited data transfers, email accounts and disk storage. This ensures that our business can be scalable in times of sudden demand.
Yes. Your hosting plan can be certainly upgraded to an enhanced plan as per your website’s need.
We understand your business requirements are scalable and therefore, we are there to support your business with unlimited hosting which means you do not have to keep a track of limited data transfers. Limited disk storage as well as restrict to limited email accounts. We want you to concentrate on your business while we handle your hosting requirements.