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Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers in Gangtok, Sikkim

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What is Web Hosting?

A website cannot exist without a web hosting service. A website comprises different files and database that needs to be stored at a place online. This online place is known as a server. Only when the website files are uploaded on the server, a person can see the website live. We are a web hosting service provider Gangtok. Websites are online stores 24 X 7 and therefore need to be maintained well. Web hosting is a process of making your site live so people can view it on the internet at any time. We are a web hosting company and provide all the necessary support for hosting your site. Websites are hosted on web servers which are powerful computers that store and process data. Web servers define the speed and performance of a website and therefore need to be chosen properly.
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What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is an operating system developed and licensed as open-source software. It can therefore be accessed by any web developer and service. Linux supports a variety of programming languages making it a preferred operating system. Linux hosting is one of the two most popular server operating platforms. As Linux is open-source software that supports a great array of programming scripts, it is very popular as a web hosting service.
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Are You Looking for Web Hosting Solution?

Why choose Linux Hosting?

Linux can incorporate new functionality, design as well as updating your site is a much easier way as compared to other types of hosting. As a web hosting company, we offer the following choices –

Diversity and Choices

Linux is a versatile hosting platform that is widely appreciated by businesses large and small. Linux is also entirely scalable and can be used for growing businesses.


Web developers choose Linux hosting as compared to the restrictive Windows platform, for its greater customization in server capabilities and user options.


Linux web hosting offers to scale up resources as per your need and you can upgrade your account on the go.


Linux is an open-source platform that allows installation of numerous apps for building your entire website from a single dashboard.

We are Always Here to Help

For Web Hosting Gangtok, we think our excellent offering including cheap Linux hosting comes with a backing of good services, and we bring you some great access points and solutions.

Money-back guarantee

Our services are versatile and suiting to different needs. Once you onboard with us for your service and are not satisfied for whatever reasons, we offer you a money-back guarantee within a stipulated time.

Email or Chat

We provide customer service assistance through different channels including email and chat to see that your queries are resolved at the earliest.

100% In-House

All our extended services, operations and applications are performed inhouse by own team and this reduces our dependency on third –party vendors ensuring we are able to keep the maximum uptime and prompt services.

30 Day Money Back

Having tried our service, if you find our services below expectations, you can claim 30-day money back for our services taken.

24/7 Availability

We understand the sensitive nature of our business and how your business depends on our service. Our in-house customer teams work in shifts and are available 24X7 need be.

Website Migration is a complex process and involves shifting of Website’s platform, content, location, structure and may be also design. For whatever reasons you are migrating your website it is not an easy process. If you are planning to migrate your website from the current domain to our Linux hosting domain, we help with the necessary assistance in shifting all the data along with DNS changes and domain transfers. We offer cheap Linux hosting India, and this makes an integrated and well sought approach towards your website migration.
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Advantages of our web hosting service

All Web hosting service provider Gangtok, Sikkim might come promising of these services, but we provide assured services as listed-


We ensure your website is much secured across all impending threats and as a web hosting service provider, it is our prime concern towards engaging in vigilant practices.

Trustworthy to provide website presence

Our servers ensure the least downtime, are secured as well as provide the latest technologies in the web hosting arena making us a trusted partner for your website presence.

High performance

Sign in for optimized performance for your websites by choosing our web hosting services.

Multiple payment methods

We are flexible with our web hosting plans suiting different budgets and requirements as well as flexible on our different payment’s methods.

Proper functionality

Sourcing the right web hosting server would ensure a fast-running site ensuring storage, processing and efficiently delivering data with the least downtime.

Easier to Monitor Your Website Status

A control panel access would give you a one-point status of all your hosting activities and help you plan.


To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers—along with our best answers.

Linux hosting can be your choice for websites, WordPress blogs or online stores and if you want to use databases like MS-SQL, or, .net on your website, you can opt for Windows hosting.
Yes, our dashboard gives you easy access to install applications of your choice on your web hosting account.
We are trusted with clients in maintaining their business websites and servers and we are aided with the latest technologies to strengthen our servers against any impeding cyber-attacks, bringing you a safe and reliable platform.
Cancelling a domain means – Your audience cannot see your website. Your domain might be available to others to purchase if it is not recharged.