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Domain and Web Hosting Service in Aizawl

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What is Web Hosting?

Websites are virtual stores that help you in getting visitors all through the day, across the week and year against the physical stores that have restricted working hours. Therefore, a website needs to be operating at its full capacity all through, have a fast-loading service, and secure platform that takes care of the client and company’s sensitive information including payment and bank details in an e-commerce setup. We are a web hosting company in Aizawl. Deciding the right web server is necessary as it determines the speed, security and safety of your site. The major hosting platforms are Linux and Windows. Both bring specific benefits, but as a web hosting company, we suggest a Linux web server over Windows. A good web hosting service is promising of good security, faster servers, customer support, and essential update and affordability on the service. We offer cheap Linux hosting.
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What is Linux Web Hosting?

Linux hosting allows you to fully use the hard disk, and multi-task to a large number of choices, offered by the open-source operating system. Open source also helps because of the community support that obtains with regard to any program. Linux hosting is powerful because they are fast. They are advanced in terms of security options as compared to other operating systems. They enable optimised sites that load fast.
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Why choose Linux Hosting?

Linux is an open-source operating system, which means it’s free to use. Therefore, web hosting companies prefer Linux as it helps keep the cost down and the cheapest web hosting as compared to other systems.

Stability (Reliability)

Linux servers are extremely stable and can grip large volumes of requests and at the same time promising of better uptimes.

Fast and easy installation

Dashboard access for one-point viewing and operating different applications and plug-ins to be used for your website.

Proper use of Hard Disk

With Linux you can easily save disk space as you can install only the components you plan to use.

Run multiple desktops

Virtualization of desktops is a solution for running multiple desktops and enabling central management security of user's desktops.

Get all these features with our unlimited web hosting plans.

As one of the established web hosting companies in Aizawl, we offer these features with our unlimited web hosting plans-

Free SSL Certificate

Get a free SSL certificate to secure your domain with an https, for interrupting traffic and boosting your SEO with Google.

SSD Storage

Opt for SSD storage that is promising of reliability and faster disk reading speed.

Free Site Builder

Build a free website, online store or start a blog with a host of customizable templates and designs and easy-to-use tools.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Now manage your domain and hosting tools with a single control panel that handling the entire ecosystem of your web hosting activities.

Secure Email Accounts

Opt for secure email hosting plans for data safety, security of your inbox from unwanted emails. Have custom email ids aligned with your domain names?

1-Click Installer

The 1-click installer saves a lot of your useful time by seamlessly installing and configuring your hosting account as well as various integrated apps.

As a web hosting company in Aizawl, we assist you to register your domain name with your idea, name, brand and get to creating your web presence. Domain names play a very important role in the identification of site and in the long run, its success. You can now easily register a domain with us. Search the different parameters you want your domain name to be. Choose the right suffix for your domain names. Domain names are like a digital treasure or investment and finding the right domain name for representing the business, it can be directly bought from our site by a simple well-guided process.

Why Domainadda?

As a web hosting company in Aizawl, we are web hosting experts and offer cheap linux hosting services backed by our support and expertise.

Developer Friendly

We provide interfaces, tools and solutions that are user-friendly and can be performed with minimum technical expertise. We have teams for any backup support required.

99.9% Uptime

Our Linux web hosting service promises 99.9% uptime. For every minute you are offline, your business is suffering, and it is our continuous endeavour to bring you high uptime with the maintenance, server repairs and upgrades seamlessly carried out.

Money-Back Guarantee

If at any time of using our service, you think we are not your right hosting partners, you can discontinue services with us with an assured money-back guarantee. Though you might never claim a money-back after working with us.

24/7/365 Support

Constant customer support is like an in-house technical staff who is accessible on the go. This means you do not suffer any technical laybacks and wait for another business day to sort them.


We have been the reliable partners for many companies in setting up their hosting platforms and uninterrupted service and support. We are known for maintaining the highest uptime.

30 Day Money Back

Having tried our service, if you find our services below expectations, you can claim 30-day money back for our services taken.


To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers—along with our best answers.

Unlimited web hosting in your plan means you get unlimited data transfers, email accounts and disk storage. This ensures that our business can be scalable in times of sudden demand.
Web hosting is having a space to store your website’s files online which are then accessed through a web browser. These files are saved on a server.
You do not need technical knowledge or expertise for hosting a site. The customer support at the hosting service provider should be able to guide you through the entire process.
We are trusted with clients in maintaining their business websites and servers and we are aided with the latest technologies to strengthen our servers against any impeding cyber-attacks, bringing you a safe and reliable platform.