9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Gym Sales with Text Marketing

Gym owners have to invest a lot of money to open their new gym, and having the right promotional strategy can make the difference between success and failure. Text marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach people, especially young people, and it’s very cost-effective to boot. It helps with 100s of benefits but the most important benefits of SMS Marketing are listed below and we’ll discuss these in detail. So let’s get started with the benefits of bulk SMS service for gym:

1.General information campaign

Bulk SMS can be a powerful tool for your gym as you can send reminders about classes or encourage members to continue working toward their goals rather than pushing promotions. Any updates regarding Gym reopening, personal training deals, SMS reminders about upcoming events or as gentle nudges about missed payments or membership can be a great way to organize your gym.

2. Membership renewal campaign

Membership renewal helps the customers to continue their gyming and fitness training without any breaks and interruptions. You can send them alerts via text messages to let them update with their memberships. Also, you can attract their continuations by offering some exciting offers and benefits.

According to the surveys, it was found that customers are more likely to renew their membership when they get existing offers and discounts. This also makes them feel connected and somewhere they feel you’re special to them.

3. Welcome messages for newbies

  • When new members join your gym (or newbies, as we like to call them), welcome them with a personalized message that shows you care about their experience at your gym. And don’t forget about former members; maybe they moved away or started going to another location in your chain.
  • Send them friendly reminders and offers for discounted rates—you might be surprised by how many people come back!
  • SMS for Gym promotion will not only attract new customers but also the existing one will go with you for a longer period of time.

4.  Send reminders & Fitness motivation texts

Reminding customers not only keeps them updated but also they’ll feel connected. Consider offering free classes or reduced monthly fees during off-peak hours if you don’t want to offer deep discounts all of the time. Personal texts with motivational quotes are also an excellent way to reach out!

5.  Promote special offers

If you are able to communicate and maintain a constant relationship with your existing customers, you’ll promote your business in a better way. As the existing customers will bring new customers to your gym. To accomplish the communication with existing customers, you can use promotion text messages for a better and cost-effective way of communication. Studies show that SMS are opened and read far more often than emails, so start using them to entice new members and reward old ones. Be sure to send promotional texts on a regular basis to keep your gym front of mind.

6. Brand awareness

Another way to boost brand awareness is through text marketing. The key is to be consistent to show your customers that you are serious about establishing a long-term relationship with them. Bulk SMS marketing will let you enhance your brand awareness in a much better way, so why wait and delay your branding. Reach a reliable and trustworthy customer and enjoy the benefits.

7. Referrals and rewards

  • Current gym members can send in referrals that give new clients incentives to join. Incentives can take many forms but often include a discount on an annual membership.
  • The benefit for current members is receiving a reward after their referral joins and stays at least 30 days. Ask your bulk SMS provider to design messages that motivate your customers to refer to your gym.
  • Rewards are often discounts on the gym’s products or services, like personal training sessions or nutritional counseling.

Rewards are an excellent way to encourage current customers to spread the word about your gym. Most fitness facilities offer some rewards system, so be sure you know what your competition offers before rolling out your next marketing plan.

8.  Collect customer feedback

If you’re planning to reopen your gym, sending out a sales reopening message is a great way to promote sales. This also allows you to collect customer feedback and improve before opening your doors.

  • For example, if customers say they want certain amenities added, like new equipment or classes, you can create a master plan for improving your gym.
  • The more information you have about your customers (and their needs), the easier it will be to run a successful business in the future! Start by sending out some promotional messages right now—to customers near and far!

Final Words

As we’ve seen, text marketing for gyms is a proven way to boost sales. By clearly segmenting your audience and providing relevant messaging, you can accomplish your goals of more subscribers and increased revenue. But it all starts with a clear vision and an actionable plan. We’re confident that you’ll get great results with these listed steps if you stick to them and establish a good way to SMS for promotion.

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